Lesley Grossblatt

2017 Speaker

LESLEY GROSSBLATT is the COO and VP of product for theBoardlist, a public benefit corporation working to increase corporate board performance through greater gender diversity. In this role, she oversees development of theBoardlist’s board candidate discovery and recommendation platform, as well as overall direction of theBoardlist’s growth strategy and business model. Grossblatt has led product, innovation and growth efforts at Netflix, Intuit, AltSchool, Nextdoor and CreativeLive. She also holds multiple patents for software products. Grossblatt has served as a non-profit board member and as an advisor to several technology startups in the real estate technology and e-commerce spaces. She earned a B.A. at the University of Chicago and J.D. at the University of California-Hastings College of the Law. @lesleyk

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