Leah McGowen-Hare

2019 Speaker

LEAH McGOWEN-HARE, MSEd, is a trailhead evangelist and senior director at Salesforce. She is passionate about making learning accessible and empowering everyone to have a career in technology. McGowen-Hare is an accomplished and dynamic master technical trainer for Salesforce with more than twenty years of experience in technology. Throughout her career she has mastered a variety of roles including consultant, developer, manager and technical trainer. She is one of the brains behind Be a Multiplier, a program that inspires people to be multipliers that will amplify and encourage their communities to skill up for the jobs of today and tomorrow. She uses her knowledge and experience to demystify and make technology more accessible to youth, girls, communities of color and Veterans’ through organizations such as BlackGirls Code, Technovation, Girls Who Code and Vetforce. @salesforce

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