Kendall O’Brien

2016 Speaker

KENDALL O’BRIEN is vice president, finance and CFO for the office of the chief scientific officer at Johnson & Johnson.  In supporting the CSO, O’Brien provides financial leadership for the company’s innovation agenda.  This includes the valuation of R&D portfolio and pipeline, and enterprise strategies to enhance effectiveness and efficiency to fuel future growth.  She is a member of the R&D Global Management Committee (RDMC), as well as, the Finance Senior leadership team.  Over her 30 year tenure at Johnson & Johnson, O’Brien has held several senior positions of increasing responsibility and scale across the enterprise sector finance groups, medical devices and diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and consumer, as well as roles in health and wellness and corporate. She has championed the Financial Leadership Development Program and the Finance African American Council among many areas.  She also leads the Women’s Leadership Initiative, the largest and oldest employee resource group at Johnson & Johnson. O’Brien earned a B.S. in both accounting and finance at Lehigh University.  She serves on the Task Force for Talent Innovation and the conference board leadership Council for Advancing Women.  @jnjcares

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