Kathy Quinlan-Perez

2016 Speaker

KATHY QUINLAN-PEREZ has been a master trainer in the personal and professional development industry for over 30 years.  She trains and coaches leaders from all over the world, ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs, to stay at home moms, to small business leaders.  She is also the head of training and the lead facilitator of the Women’s Leadership Seminar for PSI Seminars. As the vice president of PSI World, she founded and runs a youth program in urban communities in the Bay Area called Camp Choice, which has been running in partnership with SFPD for 20 years.  She also oversees school renovation and beautification projects in low-income communities all over California. As a mother and wife she has raised 2 brilliant and powerful women and maintained an happy and healthy marriage for 22 years.  She and her husband Gary, currently offer relationship coaching as a couple.  Lastly, and currently most dear to her heart, are the 4 wonderful nieces that she has taken under her care after their mother, her sister, passed away 5 years ago.

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