John China

2018 Speaker

JOHN CHINA is the head of technology banking with Silicon Valley Bank. In this role, he is focused on delivering best-fit solutions, insights and connections for Silicon Valley Bank’s technology clients and the groups that support them. China is constantly making connections between entrepreneurs, investors, the Fortune 500, bankers and even winemakers. China and his team are responsible for building strong relationships within the innovation sector and helping SVB’s technology-focused clients achieve growth and scalability in a competitive, global environment. He is a member of the company’s executive committee and he manages SVB’s eight U.S. regions specializing in software and hardware. He also oversees venture capital and private equity services, corporate venturing, early stage banking services, SVB’s Global Gateway program, credit solutioning and corporate finance activities, in addition to the premium wine division. China is a member of the advisory board of DEMO and ASTIA, a global community focused on the success of women-led, high-growth ventures, and serves on the boards of BUILD and the California Israel Chamber of Commerce. John earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University and he is learning to kite surf. @svb_financial

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