Jodi Kantor

2018 Speaker

JODI KANTOR is a prize-winning investigative reporter for The New York Times, and a best-selling author. Kantor specializes in long-form, deeply reported stories. In 2017, she and Megan Twohey broke the story of Harvey Weinstein’s decades of alleged abuse towards women. Their reporting set off a worldwide reckoning that encouraged victims to speak, brought to account men who wielded power in a wide range of fields, and shifted attitudes and policies around the globe. Before that, Kantor’s investigations into conditions at Starbucks and Amazon prompted national debates and policy changes at both companies. Her report on working mothers and breast-feeding inspired two readers to create the first free-standing lactation suites for nursing mothers, now available in airports and stadiums across the country. In 2016, Kantor and Catrin Einhorn reported and wrote Refugees Welcome, exploring the question: can regular citizens successfully intervene in one of the worst problems on earth?

For six years, Kantor wrote about Barack and Michelle Obama, delving into their ideas, biographies, family, marriage, faith and approach to the White House, and covering the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. Kantor’s book The Obamas chronicles their behind-the-scenes adjustment to the jobs of president and first lady. Before becoming a reporter, Kantor was the New York editor of Slate magazine and The Times’s arts & leisure editor. She is the recipient of awards from PEN America, the Canadian Journalism Foundation, Columbia College, and the Los Angeles Press Club and the Association for Education in Journalism. Kantor is a contributor to CBS This Morning. @jodikantor

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