Jill Sharp

2016 Speaker

JILL SHARP is a corporate trainer and performance coach who delivers coaching and development programs to corporate executives and teams from a wide range of Fortune 500 companies to drive increased productivity, engagement, and performance. With extensive experience in performance coaching, learning and development and sales, Sharp has worked for and with various Fortune 500 companies planning and facilitating leadership programs, conducting one-on-one and group performance coaching, designing and delivering sales and product training, as well as developing and executing business strategies for organizational and business success. In addition, Sharp is a regular columnist for a national women’s health and fitness magazine, sharing her knowledge on the principles of performance in life. The Human Performance Institute, a division of Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, is the pioneer in delivering a science based energy management training solution to achieve sustained high performance based on over 30 years of proprietary research and working with elite performers including Olympic gold medalists, military Special Forces, hostage rescue teams, surgeons and Fortune 500 CEOs. In 2011 alone, executives from 25 of the Fortune 100 companies participated in the Human Performance Institute’s Corporate Athlete® training. Sharp earned B.A. in political science and Spanish. @jillsharp @jnjnews

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