Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

2016 Speaker

JACQUELINE HORNOR PLUMEZ is an award-winning psychologist. Her 500 colleagues in the Westchester County Psychological Association have named her their Distinguished Psychologist and also given her their Distinguished Service award. Plumez has been a nonfiction writer almost as long as she’s been a practicing psychologist. Her three books are “Successful Adoption,” “Divorcing A Corporation” and “Mother Power.” She has written advice columns for magazines and also for online and traditional newspapers including Gannett’s 11 flagship papers, and her articles have appeared in places like Ladies’ Home Journal and The New York Times Magazine. Plumez earned a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia University and a B.A. in business administration from Bucknell University, which named her Bucknell Alumni Humanitarian in 2015.@bitchinyourhead

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