Heather Franzese

2015 Speaker

HEATHER FRANZESE is a Purpose Economy 100 (PE100) global changemaker. She has been working for 15 years to improve the lives of vulnerable workers in global supply chains. She leads Good World Solutions, an award-winning social enterprise that leverages mobile technology to connect workers to the companies that buy their products. Since 2010, the organization’s Labor Link platform has reached over 150,000 workers, farmers and artisans in 13 countries, including China, India, Bangladesh and Brazil. Previously, Franzese launched the Fair Trade Certified™ Apparel & Linens program in the US, a new way for consumers to vote with their dollars for an alternative to sweatshops. She brings together industry experience managing CSR for Columbia Sportswear Company’s licensed and collegiate categories, a fundraising track record of $4 million in social impact philanthropy, and field experience working with small-scale farmers in Peace Corps Mali. She sits on the City of San Francisco’s Sweatfree Procurement advisory group and earned an M.S. in economic development from Harvard Kennedy School. @heathering @goodworldtech

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