Heather Cassano

2019 Speaker

HEATHER CASSANO is a director of user experience (UX) at Google, leading a growing team of more than one hundred product designers, researchers, program managers, writers, and front-end engineers in Sunnyvale, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and Munich. Her team is working to reinvent the workplace by innovating next-gen, world-leading enterprise technology for Google and beyond – from career growth, to education, to the use of space and technology, with a focus on workplace collaboration, productivity and accessibility. Cassano has spent the past two decades in senior leadership roles at technology and education companies including Google, Yahoo and Pearson Education. In addition to her day job, over the past two decades she has held university appointments at Harvard, UCLA and Marist College. She was featured in Profiles of Women in Human Computer Interaction by the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology as part of the Carnegie Mellon University’s Masters of Human-Computer Interaction, and also in Women in the field of Human Computer Interaction who have broken through the “glass ceiling” in the industry. Cassano is a frequent presenter at industry events, and a regular speaker at the Yale School of Management. @google

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