Felicia Mayo

2016 Speaker

FELICIA MAYO is currently serving as the vice president, global talent acquisition and authenticity and inclusion for Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale, CA.  This position gives Mayo the unique opportunity to work with employees, leaders and the marketplace globally, while transforming the approach to talent for Juniper Networks and in the industry. She started her career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a benefits research analyst, where she had the opportunity to lean into her leadership capabilities by leading one of the largest outsourced defined contributions accounts. PWC set the foundation for continued career growth in hi –tech Silicon Valley. Mayo also worked with Siebel Systems for over five years, where she embraced technology and even in HR. She crossed boundaries in the development of technology with product marketing and IT, as an HR professional and provided HR support. In 2006, Siebel Systems was acquired by Oracle, where she spent two years successfully supporting Oracle University. Mayo is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Rho Delta Omega Chapter located in Palo Alto, Ca.  She has served as vice president, committee leader and mentor to undergraduates at Stanford University.  Mayo earned a a B.A. in political science from North Carolina State University.  @junipernetworks

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