Denise Peck

2020 Speaker
Denise Peck

DENISE PECK is passionate about helping Asian professionals to reach their aspirational career goals through mentoring, teaching, public speaking, and publishing research on the Asian glass ceiling. She spent her long career in multi-functional areas in executive positions at Sun Microsystems and Cisco. Currently, as executive advisor to Ascend, Peck facilitates leadership workshops for mid-level managers to prepare them for senior leadership positions. She co-authored several papers and articles, including The Illusion of Asian Success, an Ascend research report released in 2017, which detailed the leadership gaps for ethnic minorities in Silicon Valley companies. More recently, she helped to develop and launch a contemporary leadership program for millennial professionals and managers who work in global corporations. Peck earned a BA in economics from U.C. Berkeley, and an MBA from Stanford University.

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