Claude M. Steele

2017 Speaker

CLAUDE M. STEELE is an American social psychologist and a professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley. He has also served in several major academic leadership positions. For the past two years he has been the executive vice chancellor and provost at UC Berkeley, and the three years before that as the I. James Quillen dean for the School of Education at Stanford University from 2011 – 2014. Before that he was the 21st Provost of Columbia University. He is best known for his work on stereotype threat and its application to minority student academic performance. His earlier work dealt with research on the self (e.g., self-image, self-affirmation) as well as the role of self-regulation in addictive behaviors. In 2010, he released his book, “Whistling Vivaldi and Other Clues to How Stereotypes Affect Us,” summarizing years of research on stereotype threat and the underperformance of minority students in higher education. @ucberkeley

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