Clare Markovits

2017 Speaker

CLARE MARKOVITS serves as chief of staff in Cisco’s chief digital office. In this role, she supports the organization’s overall operations, planning and governance including driving cross-functional, transformational initiatives in support of the operating model redesign. Prior to this role, Markovits led the acquisition integration customer, partner and employee experience in the chief strategy office, supporting the integration of 41 Cisco acquisitions, investments and divestures.  She joined Cisco in 1999 as a business development manager where she launched five e-business joint solutions that included Cisco products, CRM and ERP partners and consulting services. From there, she took on increasing levels of responsibility in the company across divisions where she made financial and operational impact. Markovits also continues to blaze trails in Cisco as a leader of gender diversity. She works across the company to attract, develop and retain talented female employees and has a passion for mentoring and coaching women in all stages of their career. Markovits graduated from San Luis Obispo Cal Poly State University with a B.S. in materials engineering. She subsequently attended Santa Clara University where she earned an M.B.A. with a concentration in international business. @cisco

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