Claire Lee

2019 Speaker

CLAIRE LEE is head of early stage at Silicon Valley Bank. Her team of evangelists builds brand equity and community, investing in strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, global incubators, industry groups and investors that support founders at the early stage. Lee joined SVB in January 2014, after spending almost a decade at Microsoft, where she was part of the team that created Microsoft BizSpark in 2008. Outside of running the early stage practice at SVB, Lee is an active advisor, mentor, and speaker. She brings a global perspective to SVB and their strategic partnerships, having visited more than sixty countries and lived or worked in ten of these. Lee started a grassroots community called LOEW (League of Extraordinary Women), which convenes high profile female funders and founders in SF, NYC, LA and beyond. For more than five years, she was an advisor to the U.S. Department of State during Secretary Clinton’s and Secretary Kerry’s tenure, and closely involved with White House initiatives under the Obama administration. She was personally honored by President Obama in June 2016 for her efforts with the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and her contribution to entrepreneurship. @svb_financial

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