Chris Edmonds-Waters

2017 Speaker

CHRIS EDMONDS-WATERS is head of human resources and a member of SVB Financial Group’s executive management team. Edmonds-Waters is responsible for leading the human resources and multi-sourcing teams, developing programs to support SVB Financial Group’s ability to effectively provide diversified financial services on a global scale. Edmonds-Waters joined SVB Financial Group in 2003 as the director of organization effectiveness. Edmonds-Waters has also worked extensively with executive management to distill and imbue SVB’s leadership practices into practical and relevant strategies that help run the firm today. He helped oversee expansion of staff into the Asia, Israel and UK markets, implementing the firm’s first global mobility program to help ensure the success of SVB in those markets. Additionally, Edmonds-Waters is overseeing the second generation of multi-sourcing efforts in India and elsewhere. Prior to joining SVB, Edmonds-Waters held numerous senior human resources positions at Charles Schwab & Co. He began his career with Macy’s California where he graduated from their management training program, spending time in buying and store-line merchandising, as well as in various HR roles. Edmonds-Waters earned a B.S. from Arizona State University and an M.S. in human resources and organization development from the University of San Francisco. @svb_financial

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