CeCe Clark

2016 Speaker

CeCe Clark is director of global sales for Motivating the Masses. She has over 17 years of corporate development and entrepreneurial experience, having grown and scaled both emerging and Fortune 500 companies. In her current role, Clark is charged with the strategic growth and sales of transformational products and related services in markets worldwide. As a coach and trainer, she created the $40k in 40 Days™ Predictive Income System, helping entrepreneurs get the coaching, confidence and cash they need to build the dream business that supports their dream life. She developed her insight into the inner workings of creating predictive income as director at the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, and as business development manager for AT&T global sales. Clark was the CEO of Clark Development Group, a Washington, D.C. based real estate firm that she founded and grew to five million dollars by age 34. Clark earned an M.S. from the City University of New York. @justaskcece

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