Brienne Ghafourifar

2016 Speaker

BRIENNE GHAFOURIFAR is a young, full-stack entrepreneur on a mission to radically transform the way technology helps people interact. While she acknowledges that it might be physically impossible to meet every person on the planet, she is more than willing to try. Ghafourifar co-founded Entefy, a Palo Alto tech startup in the digital communication and data intelligence space, with her brother, Alston. She set a world record at the age of 17 by becoming the youngest college graduate to raise $1 million in venture funding. That figure has since grown to $9.7 million. Today, prior to market release, Entefy’s valuation has reached $50 million. As a leader among young entrepreneurs, she has been covered by international media including Fast Company, CNN Money, Forbes, NBC and The Huffington Post, among others. With a deep passion for entrepreneurship and courageous innovation, Ghafourifar actively participates in conferences and workshops that encourage more people to engage in STEM. She is being featured in an upcoming documentary film, “She Started It,” highlighting women tech founders in the U.S. and Europe. Ghafourifar earned a B.S. in economics from Santa Clara University.

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