Brenda Dulger-Sheikin

2017 Speaker

BRENDA DULGER-SHEIKIN is a senior vice president within the investor services America division of State Street.  She is the department head for the west coast department of State Streets enhanced asset owner team managing over a trillion dollars in assets.  Dulger-Sheikin joined State Street in July 2007 as part of the acquisition of Investor’s Bank and Trust.  Previously, she spent seven years at Investor’s Bank and Trust and Barclays Global Investors where she held various positions, including manager of accounting and relationship management. Her responsibilities have included overseeing investment manager and asset owner relationships, understanding clients’ needs, and ensuring service delivery and communication. In addition to managing all communication, strategic initiatives and service standards for clients, she maintains daily contact with all State Street business groups so that service delivery is reviewed, monitored and exceeds client expectations.  Dulger-Sheikin earned a BS business degree in strategic management from the California State University of Sacramento and spends her volunteer time working with the Girl Scouts organization. @statestreet

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