Bonnie Grant Petrich

2016, 2017 Speaker

BONNIE GRANT PETRICH is the senior director of sales development at EMC. For the last five years she has been passionately educating the EMC salesforce on social selling. She holds workshops and webcasts on this topic weekly.  She works with individuals who are just beginning to learn about social media and those who want to engage in the latest social media app. She designs and delivers engaging training, built for maximum adult learning, encompassing years of sales experience, and always building on success after the training. The training content is always updated, and relevant to the audience to learn and immediately apply for success. Petrich is currently the president of EMC Pac. NW Women’s group and was one of 25 women selected to EMC’s Manage in Success program in 2015. Petrich earned a B.A. at San Jose State University, and an M.A. in education. @bonniepetrich @dellemc

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