Bina Chaurasia

2015, 2016 Speaker

BINA CHAURASIA is Ericsson’s chief human resources officer, responsible for maintaining the company¹s culture of collaboration, engagement and innovation for more than 110,000 global employees. She is a strong proponent of diversity and inclusion, and is keen to use her skills and expertise to ensure 30 percent of Ericsson¹s global employees are women by 2020. In 2010, Ericsson set out to become an industry leader in telecom services, software and hardware. Alongside CEO Hans Vestberg, Chaurasia drove the transformation of Ericsson¹s people strategy to one that was fully aligned with the brand¹s new business goals. She is also accredited with implementing an integrated IT platform for HR, globalizing HR processes and amplifying Ericsson¹s Employer Brand. These processes have transformed Ericsson¹s talent pools, allowing them to hire the best and brightest minds. Under her leadership, Ericsson has also received numerous Employer Brand and Employee Engagement awards and recognitions. Chaurasia graduated with a master¹s degree in management and human resources from Ohio State University, and a master¹s degree in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin. She has held her current title at Ericsson since 2010, and was previously Vice President of Global Talent at Hewlett Packard. @ericsson

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