Ann Miura-Ko

2019 Speaker

ANN MIURA-KO is a founding partner at Floodgate, a seed-stage VC firm in Palo Alto, CA. Called “the most powerful women in startups” by Forbes, Miura-Ko was one of the first investors in companies such as Lyft and TaskRabbit, and has been an early backer of many others, including Ayasdi, Xamarin, and Modcloth. She is well-known in Silicon Valley as a pioneer investor in the artificial intelligence space. In addition to partnering with entrepreneurs building impactful businesses based on truly intelligent AI, she is a co-sponsor of the AI Grant, a nonprofit research lab that funds work on open source AI. Her deep interest in the space began as a child – her father was a NASA rocket scientist – and her expertise developed as an undergraduate at Yale, where she participated in the Robocup Competition in Paris, France. A repeat member of the Forbes Midas List, she is also a lecturer in entrepreneurship at Stanford and a member of All Raise, a nonprofit committed to improving diversity in funders and founders. Prior to Floodgate, she worked at Charles River Ventures and McKinsey and Company. Miura-Ko earned a BSEE from Yale and a PhD from Stanford in math modeling of computer security. @annimaniac

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