Andrea Hogan

2019 Speaker

ANDREA HOGAN is the senior director of marketing for North America and Australia for Qualcomm. In a career spanning over two decades, she has focused on marketing, partner marketing, channel marketing, and consulting in the consumer technology industry. She was previously a principal at Corrib Consulting, marketing and sales operations lead for Flo TV (a subsidiary of Qualcomm), and senior consultant at IBM. At her very core, Hogan is a big believer in people. Her approach to building and developing high powered teams and relationships is to understand individual strengths, interests and aspirations, empower and coach and establish authentic relationships where everyone succeeds. Her core values are curiosity, accountability, courage, positivity, and humor. She applies each of these values in her approach to effective marketing, where they help her create an exceptional work environment where people thrive and have fun working together. She is an active volunteer with the National Charity League. @qualcomm

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