Amanda Slavin

2018 Speaker

AMANDA SLAVIN is a Millennill, Millennial Minded*, and Generation Z expert as well as the CEO and founder of CatalystCreativ. CatalysCreativ is an experiential marketing firm that’s focused on helping cities, brands and institutions flourish by developing educational and inspirational experiences through strategy as well as on and offline campaigns to increase engagement . CatalystCreativ is funded by Zappos CEO and venture capitalist Tony Hsieh as part of the Downtown Project. Slavin and CatalystCreativ have worked with brands such as NPR, Dell, Coke and Starwood Hotels. She is also most recently working on a book called, the Feminine Workplace which will transform workplaces to be more engaging and productive. Slavin was listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 for marketing and advertising, Bizbash Event Innovators and Levo 100. @ajslavin

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