Community Connection Pavilion

Ericsson logo verticalENABLING EDUCATION FOR ALL

In five short years there will be 50 billion connected devices and the opportunities for enabling change and learning are endless. Ericsson believes that education is an important part of the Networked Society and we believe in ensuring that people around the world have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. We help to make that possible through ICT-integrated education. Ericsson wants to enhance classroom learning and help students gain confidence through ICT integrated education.

Ericsson will be exhibiting on the show floor during the conference. Our 600 square foot display delivers our vision of the Networked Society, where connectivity is the starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating and socializing. As part of our Community Connection Pavilion, Ericsson is collaborating with the Family Giving Tree, a local not for profit, to host a school supply drive to benefit the Robert Randall Elementary School.

Conference attendees are invited to visit the Ericsson Booth, #403, and help assemble enough school supplies to help us reach our goal of 500 backpacks!

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