The 2016 Conference Center


Session I: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Transformational Teams: Building and Leading Diverse Teams for Ultimate Business Advantage – with Trudy Bourgeois, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Jonathan Davidson, Kathleen Mullaney and Radha Bhaman

The Pay Equity Tipping Point: Making a Difference in Your Pay Now – with Victoria Pynchon, Ginnie Carlier, Dr. Heidi Hartmann, Ph.D., Jay Newton-Small and Erna Arnesen

Playing Big: Rules to Play By for Your Life and Career – with Tara Sophia Mohr and Jennifer Dabnor

Unconscious Power Dynamics™ for Your Advantage – with Janet Crawford, Jodi Euerle Eddy, Elaine Lin Hering, Pat Wadors and Mary Ann Bianco

Triggers: Creating Behavior that Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be – with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Courtney Skarda

Reviving Your Career: Actionable Steps to Achieve a Professional Renaissance – with Wendy Wallbridge, Leslye Louie, Sonya K. Park, Shari Slate, Lisa Smith-Strother and Nikita T. Mitchell

Living with Intent: Your Guide for Moving from Action to Outcome – with Mallika Chopra and Jill Sharp

The Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together…Finally – with Nicole Lapin and Nikki Medoro

Avoid Burnout: Guilt-free Ways to Ask for What You Need and Focus on What’s Importantwith Lisa Abramson, Dr. Christine Carter, Dr. Lisa Dyson, Katie Watson and Christie Simons

I AM THAT GIRL: Empowering Your Everyday Lifewith Emily Greener and Nicole Ward

Session II: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Raising the Tide: How to Advocate for Yourself While Modeling for Others – with Marianne Cooper, Patricia McDonald, Linda Oubre, Lynn D. Tinney and Gunjan Aggarwal

The Unwritten Rules of Success: Building the Courageous Career, Team and Organization you Want – with Cindy Solomon and Jolen Anderson

Strategies to Stand Out, Step Up and Get Noticed – with Robin Hauser Reynolds, Tamar Elkeles, Brienne Ghafourifa, Jennie Leigh and Ann Barlow

What’s Behind the Buzz? Putting Failure to Work – with Mark Coopersmith, John Danner, Sharon Chiarella, Dr. Lisa Dyson, Julia Hu and Derek DeWinter

“Let Me Tell You About Myself…”: Telling Your Story in More Than Just Words – with Mary Spio, Johanna Argan, Joanne Black, Chelsea Krost and Karineh Khachatourian

Aging with a Vengeance: How to Reinvent Yourself – with Annabelle Gurwitch and Marlene Williamson

ENCORE – Triggers: Creating Behavior that Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be – with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Katie Watson

Leading with Authenticity: For Personal and Professional Well-Being – with Trudy Bourgeois, Jenny Dearborn, Gail Evans, Kendall O’Brien and Maya Strelar Migotti

Brave Girls: Strategies to Excel – with Lea Coligado, Danielle Feinberg, Justine Siegal, Lisa Wrightsman and Ana Carolina Lopez Pinaya

Session III: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

ENCORE: Playing Big: Rules to Play By for Your Life and Career – with Tara Sophia Mohr and Jennifer Dabnor

How Adopting a Growth Mindset Can Help You Achieve Success in your Personal and Professional Life – with Carissa Romero and Karen Willem

Transform Your Norm…Success Lies Outside Your Comfort Zone – with Lisa Nichols and Jackie Glenn

Increase Your Visibility – with Karen Catlin and Marlene Williamson

Maximizing Your Career in a Virtual Environment – with Ehrika Gladden, : Jina Daniel, Colin Kincaid and Sridevi Koneru Rao

Challenging the Status Quo – with Cindy Solomon, Susan Lovegren, Bob Worrall and Kim Polese

Taking Your Seat at the Leadership Table – with Helen Scotch, Rita Bojalian, Dawn Cates, Blessie Concepcion and Deanna Harshbarger

Employee Engagement in the Networked Society – with Gunjan Aggarwal, Bina Chaurasia, Jossie Prochilo, Heather Hiles and Ileana Rivera

Achieving Your Biggest Professional Dreams: How to Define and Launch Your “Moonshot” – with Pat Wadors, Anjula Acharia-Bath, Ana Flores and Mary Spio


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All photos by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Watermark Conference for Women