Your Money: A Pathway to a Richer Life | 2020 Session

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What do we want from money? Some look for independence and security, while others desire more choices and a better way of life. And all of us want to feel less stress about money. Now that women have more money—and power—than ever before, how can we start making our money work for us? In this session, Today show financial editor and bestselling author Jean Chatzky will share what she’s learned about living a financially robust life and detail her strategies for understanding your life in relationship to your finances, including: tactical solutions to get paid what you deserve, make your money last, leave a legacy, and, most importantly, bring you joy. 

Speaker: Jean Chatzky, CEO and co-founder, HerMoney, financial editor, NBC’s “Today” show, and best-selling author

Emcee: Naomi Mulgrave, vice president, head of strategy & innovation, Prudential International Insurance @prudential


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