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2020 Workplace Summit Playbook

Thank you for joining us for the second annual Workplace Summit! Our goal was to offer you strategies and tools to embrace difference, move toward a culture of inclusion, and create real, lasting change.

Here are key takeaways and additional resources to help you turn ideas from our top three strategists into action.

Together, we can be the change that we want to see in the workplace!

We Are All Aging: Let’s End Ageism—with Ashton Applewhite

  • Acknowledge that you’re getting older. Age denial is a form of self-loathing, and it’s where ageism takes root. Aging is a natural, powerful, lifelong process—which is why no one actually wants to be any younger.
  • Reflect on how you think and talk about age and aging. Most ageism is unconscious, and we can’t challenge bias unless we’re aware of it. How do you use the words “old” and “young?” When people say “I don’t feel old,” for example, they usually mean they don’t feel incompetent, or out of touch.
  • Look around. We’re bombarded by negative messages about age and aging from childhood on. Where do those messages come from, and what purpose do they serve?
  • Download Who Me, Ageist? and start a consciousness-raising group. This powerful tool catalyzed the women’s movement. Ageism, like sexism, is a political and social problem that we can come together and do something about.
  • Call ageism out when you encounter it. If someone says something ageist, ask “What do you mean by that?” If a similar comment on the basis of race or sex would be unacceptable, ask why age is any different.

Additional resources:

“How Did Old People Become Political Enemies of the Young?”

“You’re How Old? We’ll Be in Touch”

“5 Ways to Respond to Ageism in a Job Interview”

Old School, a clearinghouse of free, vetted anti-ageism resources

C4ward to Move Forward: How to Overcome Bias and Embrace Otherness—with Vernā Meyers

  • Cultural curiosity means listening. When one person talks, the other listens. This is how you find commonalities and honor others’ truths.
  • Compassion requires volition. Go beyond the Golden Rule and decide to treat people the way they want to be treated.
  • Consciousness moves us forward. Slow down so that you can pay attention to your biases (and we all have biases). 
  • Be courageous. Decide to build a better world, and you interrupt the status quo. 

Additional resources:


“Introduction to Diversity”

“One is the loneliest number”

Make Change Happen—with Seth Godin

Click above or here to watch Seth’s message.

Additional resources:

“Finding the Others” – Attendee participation board

“Graceful: Making a Difference in a World That Needs You”, a booklet of 30 ideas from Seth Godin, especially for the Workplace Summit audience

Chase Jarvis Live interview: “How to Do Work That Matters for People Who Care”

Akimbo, a podcast from Seth Godin

“If You Want to Change Minds”


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