Nadia De Ala

2020 Speaker

NADIA DE ALA is a certified leadership and negotiation coach for women of color in tech. She has supported diverse leaders in companies like Google, Expedia and Uber. Through one on one coaching, group coaching and workshops, she helps her clients level up their relationships, influence and money, so they create the empowered and free lives they really want. De Ala approaches coaching from a culturally conscious lens, connecting with how being at the intersection of unique identities shape our personal and professional leadership. In her past lives, she was an audio engineer, and spent several years in senior sales for thriving enterprise corporations and rapid growth startups like HelloSign (acquired by Dropbox), and She earned a Co-Active Coach® certification from the Coaches Training Institute. For De Ala, to help WOCs grow their confidence, leadership presence and embrace negotiations’ transformational possibilities, is to help close the leadership and wage gap in tech, one WOC leader at a time. @nadiadeala

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