Lenette Posada Howard

2020 Speaker
Lenette Posada

LENETTE POSADA HOWARD leads the Operations team at Niantic, Inc., an AR technology company that produces mobile games, including Pokémon GO and Ingress, which have jointly had over 800 million downloads.  Since joining Niantic in 2012, Lenette has developed scaled systems built to manage hundreds of millions of users, and led the implementation of Niantic’s internal and HR systems after spinning out from Google in 2015. Prior to Niantic, Lenette was the director of software delivery and helped build Keyhole, Inc., which was later acquired by Google and became what we now know as Google Earth.  She’s also held management positions at Insweb Corporation and Andersen Consulting (currently known as Accenture), and has a BS in economics from UC Irvine.

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