Kim Macpherson

2020 Speaker
Kim Macpherson

KIM MACPHERSON is the director of engineering compliance at Google. She leads a team of amazing Googlers, who deliver an ever growing number of Alphabet and Google product and infrastructure certifications and assurance reports for security, privacy and financial standards, regulations and customer obligations. She also manages brilliant engineering teams who build products to automate risk and compliance management for the enterprise. Macpherson is a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and engineering executive for companies from startup to acquisition by industry leading tech companies. Her start up work includes real-time streaming analytics acquired by Cisco, identity management products acquired by RSA Security, network security products now at Intel, and the first electronic filing systems for Intuit. Macpherson has also built and managed security consulting practices and professional services organizations for start ups and Fortune 500 companies. She has a degree in applied mathematics and engineering sciences from Jacobs School of Engineering, University of California in San Diego.

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