Fredia Brooks

2020 Speaker
Fredia Brooks

FREDIA BROOKS is the director of human resources at Qualcomm. Brooks has more than fifteen years of experience leading highly effective and disruptive HR functions in high tech, financial tech, and biotech companies in the Bay Area and Global sites. Brooks has served as a senior level HR business partner for the C-suite and has held positions leading sizable HR teams at companies including HP, Microsoft, and WU Digital Ventures. Her focus and value in HR is to accelerate organizational performance to optimize business excellence. She is an expert process facilitator and highly proficient in evidence-based HR practices research, measurement, validation and leader in global hr, diversity and inclusion initiatives. She is known for her success in directing and leading International departments, teams, processes, and infrastructure. She works and lives in Silicon Valley, more specifically, San Jose, CA. She holds a M.S. in organizational behavior and B.A. in psychology.

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