Language Is Leadership: The Hidden Power of What You Say (And What You Don’t) | 2020 Session

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An effective leader used to be considered someone who had all the answers and issued clear orders so his or her team could execute a winning plan. And, this model still permeates many workplaces, where leaders speak first in meetings and everyone else (mostly) falls into line. The result is conformity, compliance, and less innovation, countering our best efforts to diversify our teams. It’s time to ditch command-and-control leadership and embrace language that expresses intent, curiosity, and a commitment to action. Former U.S. Navy Captain David Marquet illustrates how powerful the right words can be in doing this. He outlines specific shifts in day-to-day communication and meeting structure that can build a climate of collaborative experimentation, encouraging people to speak up when they notice problems and work together to identify and test solutions. 

Speaker: L. David Marquet, former U.S. Navy Captain and author, Language Is Leadership and Turn the Ship Around!

Emcee: Vi Truong, senior director, engineering DevOps & business analytics, Dell @dell


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