ENCORE: Resilience Reset: It’s Your Turn to Thrive | 2020 Session

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The ability to successfully navigate change, rise above adversity, and triumph in our lives boils down to one word: resilience. When faced with a challenge, ambiguity, or adversity, those who practice resilience refuse to let fear hold them back; and they break through barriers to not only survive difficult times, but thrive as a result. Learn how to cultivate courage, improve resilience, and triumph over adversity, obstacles, and setbacks at work. Be inspired to be an agent of change, conquer fear and self-doubt, and develop strategies that can be applied immediately in all aspects of your life to become bolder, stronger, and better able to handle anything thrown your way.

Speaker: Anne Grady, resilience expert and best-selling author

Emcee: Ellen Filvaroff, executive director, mechanisms of Cancer Resistance Thematic Research Center, Bristol-Myers Squibb @bmsnews


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