ENCORE: Build a Network of Relationships, Not Just Contacts | 2020 Session

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Developing a strong network is critical to career success. These meaningful relationships will serve you throughout your career – and help you be a valuable connection for others, too. FOX’s NFL reporter Laura Okmin credits her network with helping her to break the barriers of a male-dominated field and ultimately cover the biggest names on the biggest stages. Now she’s paying it forward by helping to train, mentor, and prepare the next generation of women to become super connectors. She shares how to be strategic about who you meet, how to meet them, and how to form lasting relationships. Whether you are looking for success in a mentor-mentee program or growing your career by building meaningful relationships, she will share the best practices for creating relationships that are a win-win.

Speaker: Laura Okmin, founder, GALVANIZE, and FOX NFL reporter

Emcee: Lynnetta Smith, head of community engagement, diversity, inclusion, and belonging, ServiceNow


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