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Roundtable 10 | Jumping into Social is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Want to join the Social Revolution but never found the time, or were afraid to get started? Join us as we share how to safely and easily jump in to the new social world. This discussion will provide you with short, easy and best-practice steps for getting started in the professional social world of LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll share how to join, set up your profiles, connect and jump into … [ more ]

Roundtable 8 | Maximizing Social Media in the Job Search

Studies have shown that approximately 80% of job seekers turn to social media to search for a new job. If LinkedIn is not your choice of platform, how do you use utilize social in this process? Whether you are looking for top talent or searching for a job, you’ll want to leverage social media. Join this roundtable with job search coach Kimberly O’Connor to discuss the latest trends for finding … [ more ]

Roundtable 9 | Unconventional Strategies: Being Social Without Risking Your Career

Our personal and professional lives often cross paths in social media. Employers increasingly look to candidates’ social accounts to gauge communication skills and fit, so that anything you on social media can have unanticipated effects on your professional life. How do you develop and maintain a presence on social media, network, and express your ideas—without putting yourself at risk professionally? We’ll look at real-world examples and discuss strategies you might … [ more ]

Roundtable 7 | Master Social Media for Personal Branding and Power Selling

How can you master the art and the science of social media to generate leads, nurture prospects and close business? Join Jill, one of salesforce’s first 100 employees, Eloqua star salesperson and sales guru as she share tips and answers your questions to help you bridge the gap between on-line and face-to- face social networking. Learn how to build tangible relationships, converting more prospects and increasing retention. Speaker: Jill Rowley, social … [ more ]

Roundtable 6 | You’ve Stumbled on Social Media…Now What?

Are you hesitant to take those early steps on social media or have you already stumbled? Join award-winning blogger and long-time marketing executive Liz O’Donnell, as she explores what you need to know as you foray into the ever-more necessary world of social media. A sought after advisor for consumer, tech and lifestyle brands, she’ll help you explore what you need to know for both your professional and personal brand. … [ more ]

Roundtable 5 | Online Networking to Empower Your Career

Online networking works! After negotiating a job at Google via online networking, Joshua has become a leading advocate. Don’t let the fact that you don’t yet know the person hold you back from sending an invite to connect. Join this session for simple insights on how you can comfortably and successfully reach out to make and develop online connections for yourself and others. Joshua will go beyond LinkedIn networking to … [ more ]

Roundtable 4 | Beyond the Blog: Go LIVE, Go LIVELY

Everyone knows that content is king but we’re here to tell you personality makes the queen! Media is forever changing. Are you up on the latest gadgets for making your posts come alive? From the top apps to the best products, Sarah, founder of The Cooper Review, will help you find the way to make your blog come alive with video, illustrations all while finding the right balance of humor. … [ more ]

Roundtable 3 | How to Go Viral With Your Cause

Going viral, or at least provoking action may be the objective of most social media users. It requires more than just a message or hashtag, it’s also about how you deliver that message, being transparent and authentic enough that people take action for a cause that you believe merits attention. Join A’Driane, an activist who has committed herself to many social justice-related issues, including (but not limited to) those impacting … [ more ]

Roundtable 2 | MAX Exposure with Medium, Instagram, Periscope and more

Elevate your career or business. The key to career longevity is creating new opportunities, embracing challenges and treating yourself as a brand – define your message and expertise, be social and build real relationships. Our interactive roundtable discussion will explore the powerful ways in which social media networks can help establish your brand and maximize your network. Together we will determine how to utilize Medium, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitter, Instagram and … [ more ]

Roundtable 1 | Attracting your Online Tribe with Digital Storytelling

Imagine sharing, and exchanging your personal and professional experience via digital storytelling with millions of people. Attracting an online tribe is a great way to build relationships, provide mentorship, support and enhance a work-life balance- with a tribe that has similar interests and needs as you. Digital storytelling gives you and your tribe permission to share stories, support, and obtain advice from a professional and personal prospective in a non-judgmental, … [ more ]

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