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Roundtable 6 | How to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

NOTE: This roundtable will only be offered from 4:10pm – 4:40pm Are you trying to build a career path—particularly in a niche or emerging industry, or one that is not well understood? Can you write the job description you would love to have, but don’t have the opportunity at your current company or keep bumping up against a glass ceiling? Aubrey Blanche found herself in just that situation. She describes … [ more ]

Roundtable 5 | How to Grow Your Team Effectively

We’ve all heard “hire fast, fire faster” as a motto in the Valley, but is this really the most effective way to keep up with rapid business growth? Join Maria, as she shares her experience with the rapid growth of Cloudflare, billion dollar unicorn club member. Learn about the employee profile and skills you will need at various stages of your venture. Uncover tips to hire effectively and also fire … [ more ]

Roundtable 4 | Four Filters for Choosing the Right Partners for a New Venture or Team

Learn the four filters that help entrepreneurs and other business leaders determine which partners might be best for their team or organization. This includes insights into why clearly-defined roles and communication are important from the start of the process; Whether similar backgrounds hurt or help the business and relationship; and best practices when establishing the autonomy and authority that each partner needs to lead within their roles. Participants will leave … [ more ]

Roundtable 3 | Get Paid What You’re Worth

There’s no getting around it. Many women are uncomfortable advocating for themselves and for their business, leaving both undervalued. Join this roundtable and discover how to negotiate and feel great about it.  Lisa has been key to shaping an empowering and strong culture at Udemy. She’ll share successful strategies to advocate for yourself, your business and others.  You will take away key tips to support your success and feel great … [ more ]

Roundtable 2 | Creating A Cult Following

Companies that have achieved cult-like status primarily fall into three categories: those driven by a person, by a product or by a purpose. In this roundtable session, Menaka shares insights into what distinguishes companies like People- soft and Google and how you can duplicate those learnings to grow you business and drive larger change and even social impact. Speaker: Menaka Shroff, CMO, BetterWorks

Roundtable 1 | How to Create an Elevator Pitch…and a Lasting First Impression

We are often bombarded with too much information and it’s crucial to make a memorable first impression because, let’s face it – you only get one first impression! Attend this roundtable and learn how to make a compelling personal ‘Elevator Pitch’ to maximize your connections with potential clients, mentors, friends and business associates. Journalist and marketing expert, Maria, will guide you through activities and writing prompts to craft a pitch … [ more ]

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