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So You Want to Serve on a Non-Profit Board

Serving on a non-profit organization’s Board of Directors can be a meaningful way to give back to the community. By sharing your expertise, contributions, and connections, you can further a non-profit’s mission while also providing opportunities to stretch your skillset and network authentically. Join this roundtable discussion to learn about board responsibilities, governance, and fundraising as well as how to successfully find a seat and serve on a non-profit board … [ more ]

Successful Collaborations, Inside and Out

For your business and workplace, collaboration is a core competency, a competitive advantage, and a critical factor in your success. What does it take to collaborate effectively within your organization and with outside partners? Phoenix Consulting CEO Norma Watenpaugh helps companies achieve results through strategic partnerships that can accelerate revenue, open up new markets, and ignite innovation. Participants in this roundtable will learn how to foster a culture of collaboration … [ more ]

Persuasive Communications for Small Business Owners

Persuasive communication is essential for small business owners, though our messages aren’t always as consistently compelling as they could be. During this roundtable we’ll discuss why people choose to listen–or ignore–you; how to read the room in order to better influence your intended audience; framing your communication in a way that highlights the benefit to them; and the small though vital communication traits required to be persuasive including effective word … [ more ]

Overcome Bias to Get Your Startup Funded

New research suggests that unconscious bias among venture capitalists is keeping female entrepreneurs from securing more funding. In 2016, industry data shows that women-led startups received $1.46 billion–a fraction of the $58.19 billion for startups led by men. As a venture capitalist, Maveron’s Anarghya Vardana invests in consumer frontier-tech companies commercializing AI, VR, robotics, food tech, and drones. She shares her thoughts on how to overcome gender bias when seeking … [ more ]

Negotiating 101

Study after study suggests that women are disinclined to negotiate. But if you don’t ask, how will you ever get what you want? Dorit Perry is an international attorney with over twenty-five years of experience in business communications, negotiation, and conflict resolution. Join this roundtable to learn more about persuasion, influence, and how to communicate what you want. Participants will leave with practical tools and phrases to use when the … [ more ]

Make Small Business Financing Work for You

Whether you are a novice or seasoned entrepreneur, financing your business is most likely top of mind for you. Having the right funding strategy for your business is critical to getting your business off the ground and in flight. Obtaining funding can be a daunting process but it doesn’t have to be! You’ll improve your chances of success by brushing up on the essentials. Learn key financing terms and the … [ more ]

Getting Started with Entrepreneurship

Taking the first step is often the hardest part of entrepreneurship. Where do ideas come from? How do you tell if it’s a good one? Do you know if being a founder is the right path for you? Venture capitalist turned social entrepreneur and startup advisor, Singari Seshadri, will lead a discussion on finding and validating ideas, and taking your concept to launch using design thinking and lean startup frameworks. … [ more ]

Building Credibility as a Leader

Successful leaders are trusted by their teams, who depend on them for their expertise, transparency, and smart decision making. However credibility is hard to earn and easy to lose. Whether you are an emerging leader building a new team or an established one looking to boost your credibility, join this roundtable to learn about owning your vision and building trust and respect to make that vision a reality. Speaker: Susan … [ more ]

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