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Bringing the Product to Life: Managing Your Career Like a Product

3:30-3:50 pm

Develop a vision for your career in this discussion focused on product management principles that can be applied to your personal brand and career. Like the products we make, our career advancement relies on creating a unique value proposition and developing an established brand. Join Sreeja Nair, Product Management Leader at Qualcomm, in this 20 minute talk to help you view your career through the product lens. Learn action steps to evaluate your career blueprint, activate your vision, and exercise strategies to build your career as a product.

Speaker: Sreeja Nair, product management leader, Qualcomm @qualcomm


Language Is Leadership: The Hidden Power of What You Say (And What You Don’t) (W)

LEADERSHIP: Designed for seasoned or aspiring leaders looking to climb the ladder and break barriers
Session II: 11:30 am – 1:230 pm 

An effective leader used to be considered someone who had all the answers and issued clear orders so his or her team could execute a winning plan. And, this model still permeates many workplaces, where leaders speak first in meetings and everyone else (mostly) falls into line. The result is conformity, compliance, and less innovation, countering our best efforts to diversify our teams. It’s time to ditch command-and-control leadership and embrace language that expresses intent, curiosity, and a commitment to action. Former U.S. Navy Captain David Marquet illustrates how powerful the right words can be in doing this. He outlines specific shifts in day-to-day communication and meeting structure that can build a climate of collaborative experimentation, encouraging people to speak up when they notice problems and work together to identify and test solutions. 

Speaker: L. David Marquet, former U.S. Navy Captain and author, Language Is Leadership and Turn the Ship Around!

Emcee: Vi Truong, senior director, engineering DevOps & business analytics, Dell @dell

More Inclusive Events & Other Gatherings

In this frank roundtable discussion, diversity consultant Emily Howe details going beyond cosmetic diversity to create events that are as diverse as the world we live and work in. At a time when coming together is more important than ever, events like conferences, panels, meetings, and fundraisers have the potential to be inclusive experiences where all participants feel like they belong. Attendees in this roundtable will walk away with answers to the thorniest of questions about making events more diverse using simple, evidence-based strategies. 

Speaker: Emily Meghan Morrow Howe, gender/inclusion strategist and co-author, How to [Really] Diversify Your Large Event

Powerful Negotiation for Women of Color

Badass women of color, are you ready to unleash your most confident self and negotiate unapologetically? In this roundtable, leadership and negotiation coach Nadia De Ala discusses how you can lead with leverage to increase your negotiation power. Participants will walk away with a new perspective on using their voice and actionable tips to increase their pay and influence in businesses.

Speaker: Nadia De Ala, leadership & negotiation coach for women of color

Securing Sponsorships & Partnerships

A mutually beneficial partnership can have a significant impact on a venture or project. The right mention on social media alone could result in significant sales. This roundtable discussion will walk you through best practices to secure sponsorships and partnerships for your brand, event, business, or even for yourself. 

Speaker: Adonica Shaw, author, entrepreneur, marketing and public relations professional @adonicashaw

Simple Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Cyber attacks against big corporations dominate the news, but online crime targeting small businesses is also on the rise. It’s imperative that business owners understand the risks and have a plan for response if they are targeted. This roundtable discussion will cover specific and valuable cybersecurity controls that can be implemented right away to improve security and reduce exposure to cybercrime. 

Speaker: Sharee English, chief security officer, WECybr

Writing & Publishing Your Book

You have a book in the works that will make an impact and change lives—including yours. What are the next steps? Heather Lazare is an editorial and publishing consultant with more than a decade of experience in the publishing industry. In this roundtable, she shares her strategies for strengthening your manuscript’s marketability, capturing an agent’s interest, and ultimately getting your book out into the world.

Speaker: Heather Lazare, editorial and publishing consultant and founder, Northern California Writers’ Retreat @hlazare

Your Own Website Is at Your Fingertips

Building your own website can seem daunting, but a modern, professional site can be yours in under an hour—no technical knowledge required. In this session, we’ll discuss the importance of a website, whether it be for personal branding or for your own business. We’ll walk you through the basics of getting your site up-and-running. You can even follow along right from your smartphone during this hands-on roundtable with Laura Messerschmitt, GoDaddy’s VP of Customer Experience. Participants will walk away with a free year of Standard Websites + Marketing courtesy of GoDaddy!

Speaker: Laura Messerschmitt, vice president, customer experience, GoDaddy


Effective Allies (POE)

CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Designed for the mid/senior level professional with significant experience looking for advice around professional skills and job advancement
Session III: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

When leaders use their power, position and privilege to advocate for marginalized people, everyone wins, including them. But being an effective ally at work means more than being empathic and compassionate. It’s a continual process of curiosity, courage, and introspection that results in behavior change that is inclusionary. Rachana Bhide, journalist and founder of “The Corner of The Court,” shares her research and strategies for intersectional allyship. She then leads a discussion with a panel of experts on how individuals and organizations can overcome reluctance to allyship and become agents of change in creating more equitable organizations.

Thought leader: Rachana Bhide, Bloomberg Radio London anchor and founder and editor, Corner of the Court Project


Emcee: La Treece Butler-Morton, director, product lifecycle operations, VMware

Women Breaking Barriers (POE)

LEADERSHIP: Designed for seasoned or aspiring leaders looking to climb the ladder and break barriers
Session I: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Leaders are almost certain to face obstacles—maybe even opposition. But skillfully meeting these challenges can become the driving force behind your success. In this powerful session, pioneering industry leaders will share how they have succeeded in creating change despite significant roadblocks. They will share strategies for earning respect, gaining traction, tackling naysayers, and ultimately breaking barriers for yourself and others. Plan to walk away inspired by these powerful women—and ready to inspire others yourself.

Thought leader: Michelle King, director, inclusion, Netflix


  • Andrea McBride John, CEO, McBride Sisters Collection
  • Pat Mitchell, media pioneer, editorial director, TED Women, and author, Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World
  • Samantha Rapoport, senior director, football development, NFL

Emcee: Jill Strawbridge, user experience research lead, Google @google

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