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Megan Rapinoe:

“First, you can always control how you react. You can’t always control the situation or the people you work with or your bosses.” Read more.


Indra Nooyi:

“When I stepped down, there was a lot of debate about the dwindling number of  women CEOs, and they kept asking me why wouldn’t you replace yourself with a woman,” she said, adding “Why don’t they ever ask that of the men?” Read more.


Seth Godin:

“Of course you feel like an imposter—because you are one, and so am I. How could it be otherwise? If you are going to lead, if you are going to project the future, if you are going to do something that has never been done before, how could you be sure [it will succeed]?” Read more.


Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin

“They told us, ‘You don’t have a tech co-founder.’ ‘This is content; people don’t want content.’ And, ‘women are a niche market.’” Read more.



Session I: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Women Breaking Barrierswith Michelle King, Andrea McBride John, Pat Mitchell, Samantha Rapoport

We’re All in This Together: How to Lead and Succeed in a Multigenerational Workplacewith Dr. Candace Steele Flippin, Susan Daniels, Lauren McGoodwin, Vinay Nichani

Women of Color & the Workplacewith Minda Harts, Demma Rodriguez, Raena Saddler, Ruchika Tulshyan

Leading Happierwith Nataly Kogan

How to Skimm Your Life: Entrepreneur Editionwith Danielle Weisberg, Carly Zakin, and Rachana Bhide

Becoming the Boss: A Panel for New Managerswith Amy Jen Su, Mary Ainsworth, M. Tamra Chandler, Denise Peck

Personal Branding for Your Career Lifecycle – with Lida Citroën

Comeback Careers: Purpose and a Paycheck in the Second Half of Lifewith Susan Davey Rietano, Stacey Delo, Denise Dettore, Vibha Dixit

Your Money: A Pathway to a Richer Lifewith Jean Chatzky

How to Raise Successful Peoplewith Esther Wojcicki

Session II: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Language Is Leadership: The Hidden Power of What You Say (And What You Don’t)with L. David Marquet

Feedback (and Other Dirty Words)with M. Tamra Chandler, Lenette Posada Howard, Amy Jen Su, Shanis Windland

Build a Network of Relationships, Not Just Contacts – with Laura Okmin

The Myth of the Nice Girlwith Fran Hauser

Accept, Reject, or Negotiate: Evaluating Your Offerwith Lauren McGoodwin, Ignace Conic, Susan Rietano Davey, Lusen Mendel

Lightening the Mental Loadwith Michelle P. King, Tracy Dumas, Jill Gannon, Ruchika Tulshyan

The Winding Road: Navigating Your Unique Career Pathwith Karina Cabrera Bell, Michele Scola Foote, Jessica Herrin, Erica Williams Simon

Resilience Reset: It’s Your Turn to Thrivewith Anne Grady

Breast Health for Lifewith Dr. Kristi Funk

Recovering Perfectionistswith Nataly Kogan, Dr. Alice Boyes, LaFawn Davis, Fairy Zare

Session III: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

A Seat at the Table: A Panel on Board Readinesswith Donna Hamlin, Shellye Archambeau, Nola Masterson, Pat Wadors

Effective Allieswith Rachana Bhide, Ray Arata, Minda Harts, Laura Perrone

ENCORE: Build a Network of Relationships, Not Just Contactswith Laura Okmin

ENCORE: The Myth of the Nice Girl with Fran Hauser

Talking About My Generation: Communicating in an Age-Diverse Workplacewith Dr. Candace Steele Flippin

The Power of Story: Rewriting Your Lifewith Erica Williams Simon

ENCORE: Personal Branding for Your Career Lifecyclewith Lida Citroën

ENCORE: Resilience Reset: It’s Your Turn to Thrivewith Anne Grady

ENCORE: Your Money: A Pathway to a Richer Lifewith Jean Chatzky



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